General Club Procedures

Members in good standing, upon payment of dues, fees, or other assessments, can utilize all club facilities.  Club members should show their membership card and sign in upon arrival at the club and before using any of the facilities including tennis courts.  

Guests (non-members) of regular membership holders are welcome two (2) times per month at $5.00 per visit or a maximum of six (6) times during June, July, and August.  Guests must be accompanied by the member and are to sign in and pay guest fees upon arrival. 

The maximum number of guests that can accompany a member at any one time is 15.

Because this is a private club for members only, non-members are not allowed to utilize club facilities, which includes entering the premises simply to watch or participate in group or other activities, without signing in and payment of the guest fee.  (The only time this rule does not apply is when a member as reserved the club facilities for a private party and has paid the fee.)

If you have guests staying in your home for fourteen (14) consecutive nights, you can get a “House Guest” pass from any board member that allows guests use of the facilities as long as they are staying in your home.  Please contact a member of the board in advance so the pass can be issued.


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TOM CUNDICK – Treasurer

Dues paid in installments will have prorated late fees assessed.
Day after due date to May 31:      $25.00
  From June 1 to June 30:              $50.00  ($75.00 cumulative)
  From July 1 to July 31:                $50.00  ($125.00 cumulative)
  From August 1 to August 31:       $50.00  ($175.00 cumulative)

Every precaution shall be taken for health and safety of everyone and for the protection of personal belongings.  The club is not responsible for accident, injury, or loss of any kind.  The club managers and/or the life guards on duty have authority to enforce all club rules.

Whether the pool is open or closed is at the discretion of the Board and Club Manager.  The reasons it may be closed include, but are not limited to: temperature, rain, thunder, accidents, mechanical issues etc…

All small children who are not potty trained (or even those who are questionable!) MUST WEAR SWIM DIAPERS AND PLASTIC PANTS WITH ELASTICS AROUND THE WAIST AND LEGS.  No exceptions.   Please comply.  We do not want to turn anyone away from swimming.

Swimmers shall bring their own towels, soap, shampoo, and other personal items and should shower before entering the pool.

Diving from the shallow end of the pool, double springing off the diving board and jumping, sitting or holding the sectional rope is not permitted.  Divers must be able to swim to the side of the pool unaided.

Running on the deck area is not permitted.

Glass  containers are prohibited from the dressing rooms and around the pool.  All food and beverages are to be confined to the patio and lawn areas.

Children who are unable to swim must be accompanied by an adult.  Children should not be left unattended at any time.  The lifeguards should not be considered your free babysitters!  Children in diapers must wear plastic pants when in pool.  Unattended children must be able to swim the length of the pool and if they cannot, they will be asked to leave the pool area.  Children are now allowed to jump into parent’s arms from the diving board.

Pool Manager has the authority to suspend pool privileges.  Older children allowed to use swimming facilities without parent or other adult must act responsibly in the pool.  Life guards have authority to ask anyone to leave facilities who repeatedly ignores the pool rules.

No children are allowed in the deep end of the pool with any kind of floating devices.

No children under the age of eight (8) are allowed to swim unless accompanied by an adult (18 or older).

No animals are allowed on club property.

The use of roller blades, skate boards, and scooters is prohibited on the pool deck and on the tennis court.

Nothing is to be taken into the water that is hazardous to the swimmers or can pollute the water.

All accidents must be reported to the lifeguards and pool manager.

Use of other facilities (volleyball, tennis, etc.) is on a reservation basis. All players must report to the check-in desk prior to using the facilities and pay any guest fees  Reservations may not be made more than 24 hours in advance and use of the facility is limited to one hour unless no one is waiting.

Tennis courts are available to members when swimming pool area is closed by using the combination locks given to members only.

Proper footwear must be worn on the tennis courts.

Glass containers and food are prohibited on the courts.  Beverages are to be confined to the sidelines.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to reserve the tennis courts between the hours of 6 AM and 9 AM and from 6 PM to 10 PM unless they are playing with parents or an adult member.

Only one tennis court per membership may be reserved at a time

Reservations not used 10 minutes after the reserved time will be forfeited.

Members who reserve club for private parties have access to tennis courts as well as pool area during their party.

Guests must be accompanied by a member in order to use the courts. 

Because of the fragile acrylic surface, only tennis shoes or basketball shoes are allowed on the courts.  NO street shoes or hard-soled shoes are allowed.  NO roller blades, skateboards, or scooters are allowed.  Please ask any who violate this rule to leave your expensive courts.  If an abuse continues, report it to the reservation desk or contact the club manager.

Guests are invited to swim at our pool on a controlled basis.  Guests must be accompanied by a member who is responsible for the guest and his/her conduct.  NO individual guests may use the club facilities more than twice each month, or six times during June, July and August.  A guest must give name and pay the guest fee at the desk prior to entry.  Each family is responsible to see that their guests comply with the above rule. We ask for your cooperation in this matter.

Guests of Club Members who have used the club facilities for a swim or tennis match, and then leave the club premises are not entitled to return to the club later in the day unless another guest fee is paid.  In addition, two (2) different uses during the same day will count as two (2) uses for the facilities and will be all that the guest may come to the club that month.  Please keep in mind that guests are not allowed two (2) visits each with several member families–only two (2) visits TOTAL.

The reason that our guest policy is so restrictive is to discourage multi-visits by non-members.  If children can swim or play tennis at the club as guests without any restrictions, there is no real incentive for their parents to join the club.

This is a facility where everyone should feel welcome, safe, and secure.  If there is a serious discipline problem with a member or guest, the board will give that person a warning and notify the member responsible for that person of the infraction.  With a second infraction, that person wil be suspended from the pool for one week.  A third infraction will result in loss of privileges for the remainder of the season.  Please help us keep the club safe for use by all.