Presidents Message

President’s Message is to be given at the end of the fiscal year, Club By-laws Article II, Section 3.

Evergreen Swim and Tennis Club

President’s Message 2020

As the year comes to an end, we can look back at this year of 2020 and realize the blessings of our Club.

Just prior to the start of our season, the country was gripped in the COVID-19 pandemic.  Businesses were closed and communities encouraged to quarantine to slow the spread of the virus, planning for best usage of hospital and health care facilities.  As a club, we were very sensitive to following directions from the State Health Department and worked, as usual, for preparing the club for the swimming/tennis season and waiting for health department guidelines to open.

It was determined that we could open under the provisions that there would not be more than 50 people in the pool area at any given time and that all social distancing and sanitary precautions would be made and observed. Our lifeguards were trained in the precautions and we devised a card system that would help us keep track of how many patrons were in the pool area. 

As we prepared the pool to open, we discovered that the earthquake that occurred on March 18th damaged our drainage pipes and so we needed an extra week to get that prepared before we could open. We are thankful to the support of our members in finding and repairing the pool so we could open.

Swim lessons, though reduced due to COVID restrictions, were successful and many of our younger members can now swim with both comfort and grace!

Considering all of the drastic events in the spring of 2020, Covid-19, pool repairs and conditioning the water we were very happy that we were able to open only a little later than scheduled.

I’m happy for the cooperation of members this summer and their consideration to each other.  Although the pool attendance was somewhat restricted, everyone was understanding and the lifeguards we able to function in their capacity and managed wonderfully.

We also received notice from the county that our taxes have dramatically increased and we are addressing that issue the best we can.  

On a happy note, we now have a marvelous and experienced tennis instructor available for lessons in 2021.

As president, I want to thank you all for your support and patience through a VERY interesting year. I look forward to the continuation of our incredible Evergreen Swim and Tennis Club and thank you for the opportunity to have been of service.


Arnie Allred