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President's Message - 2016

(to be given at the end of the fiscal year, Club By-laws Article II, Section 3)


President's Message -  2016

Dear Club Members,

2016 was a great year at the club, enjoyed by the wonderful membership of our community pool. I want to recognize the service rendered by our Club Manager Lisa Vantussenbroek, Club Secretary Ami Neff, Club Treasurer Tom Cundick and past President Mark Mathie. It is through their service that we have safe and enjoyable facilities to bring our families.

A summary of important events and decisions made in 2016 include:

We had a great spring clean-up with a large show of support from club members. Cleaning assignments were organized via Google doc and online signup worked well. This is something that we will continue in the future.
The mastic joint was replaced around the pool. Mastic joint is the expansion seal that surrounds the large tiles along the edge of the pool.
Our old boiler was replaced with 2 smaller, high-efficiency boilers. The advantage of going with two smaller boilers will allow the club to use only one during the hotter periods of summer to maintain pool temperature. By alternating between the two we can reduce utilities and also extend the life of each boiler.
Guard wages were raised to be more competitive with other pools in the area. This was done in hopes to retain more guards from year to year and ensure a more experienced, qualified lifeguard team so that our pool can be a safer place for our families to play.
Because school started very early in August and lifeguards were not available, a "mom and tot" swim time was started in late August to bridge that gap until the club close date.
Swimming lessons signup included an option to pay by credit card and we will continue to offer this option in the future.
Because there were many "biological" accidents in the pool last year, a break from swimming at the top of every hour was instituted to try to avoid these events. Guards were instructed to clear the pool and announce a "Potty Break".

The Annual Club Meeting was held at the Holladay Public Library and Jessica Huish was nominated as Vice President and she accepted the nomination. Club financials for 2015 were discussed and no major issues were noted. Club dues were not changed and remained at $400.

Overall, this was a great swim season with several improvements. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the membership of this awesome facility and look forward to the coming year.


Whit Coleman, President 2016