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President's Message - 2017

(to be given at the end of the fiscal year, Club By-laws Article II, Section 3)


Dear Club Members,

The Evergreen Swim and Tennis Club was built in 1961, which means it is approaching 60 years of operation. We are grateful to the original club founders as hundreds of member families, many multi-generational, that have enjoyed using the swimming pool and tennis court facilities through the years. The club has been a wonderful addition to our community.

We are also grateful for our current and past board members, club manager, all club employees and of course our members that help oversee and enjoy the club regularly. Because of everyone's help and service, we have had another fun and safe summer of recreational swimming, swim lessons and tennis lessons!

Based on membership feedback from our 2017 annual member meeting in April, the board decided to send out a survey asking members about their interest in forming a Long Range Planning Committee for the club. The purpose of the committee is to research, promote, analyze, design, develop and present a variety of possible improvement initiatives for our swim club in the coming years, both short-term and long-term.

There were 79 memberships which voted in this survey, and over 90% of them were in favor of organizing the planning committee. Based on these results, the board recently formed the Long Range Planning Committee. Whit Coleman has graciously volunteered to chair this committee. We thank him and the other club members that have willingly accepted to serve under his direction for an indefinite amount of time.

We also want to thank Ami Neff, Club Secretary, and Tom Cundick, Club Treasurer, who have served very successfully on the board for many years. Thank you as well to Lisa Vantussenbroek who manages all club operations. We are very grateful to her.

Please join me in welcoming Stacie Henry as the 2018 President. We invite you to attend our annual club meeting in April 2018 as here we will nominate a suitable Vice President. At this meeting we will also discuss our past swim and tennis season, as well as what members can expect for the future.

Please feel free to reach out to myself, any of the board members, or swim club manager with questions and/or feedback. We have enjoyed the opportunity to serve our members and we look forward to the coming year!

Jessica Huish

President 2017